Free Contract Reviews - Why you should hate them!!! And why you SHOULD pay for them

What are free contract reviews and why you should stay away from them? First of all, no one thing. There's nothing in this world that's free and comes with value. Like those testers, you get at the supermarket. It's good enough for a taste test, but it's absolutely nothing to fill your tummy. In this case, a free contract review maybe tells you the basics of what you know. But is it really enough to tell you what you need to know about this contract, about this property, about your circumstances?

Come to us for a paid review. We will actually sit through and give you a written contract review. One that's specific to your property, specific to your circumstances, and tells you all that you need to know before you sign. Don't go for free things, they're never that great.

How to choose the RIGHT conveyancing lawyer for your property purchase

How to choose the best conveyancing lawyer for you, but at an affordable price? There's three types of conveyancers out there, the ones that will charge you $500 for the entire thing, the ones that will charge you a $1500 or even $2000 for the conveyance process, and somebody like us who's sort of hovering in the middle. Why the differences? And what are the differences? The first one is not going to give you much of anything because you can tell. You're not paying for much.

The other one, on the other end, you're probably paying a little bit too much for what you actually need. For us, we know how to leverage the value of our lawyers' time. You need a lawyer? you get a lawyer at a fixed fee. You don't need a lawyer because your case happens to be short and sweet? You get the paralegal to help you with the conveyance under supervision of a lawyer. In other words, you're paying for what you need with us.

Special Conditions - what are they and why you should be careful

What are special conditions? Why are they special? Well, they're special because they're supposed to be unique to the transaction. They are additional special conditions tacked on top of the standard ones that are issued by the real estate institute of New South Wales. Why should you be worried? Special conditions are drafted in the first instance by the seller's lawyer for the seller. Not for you. Why do you need us? We read through the special conditions and tell you if they're good for you or not.

Beyond that, make the special conditions work for you. That is, if you have a special need, talk to us, we'll draft the right special conditions, make the right amendments to the existing ones, and put it into the contract before you sign so that you know what you've signed up to is what you've agreed to. Not what the seller says.

Did you know - debt transfers to you? That's why we order search certificates

Did you know that debts can transfer to you after settlement? Well, first of all, what are debts? I'm talking about council rates, water bills, land tax assessment notices, owner's corporation levies, if applicable. What are these things? Well, they're carrying costs. If you don't know what they are, look it up. When you own a property, you always have to pay the authorities for services and utility. That's what it is, really. But the last thing you want as a buyer is to pay the seller's bill.

How do you prevent it from happening? Come to a competent conveyancer who does the right searches for you and does the right calculations for you to make sure that all debts are paid by the seller before settlement.

As a Buyer, WHEN exactly do you need to engage with a conveyancer

As a buyer, when do you need to engage with a conveyancer? To be completely honest with you, as early as possible. Why? We are a wealth of information at your disposal. We've done so many conveyancing transactions. We've seen so many things go right and so many things go wrong. All you have to do is come to us and talk to us about what you want, as early as possible, before you found the right property.

That way, at the very least, we can have a friendly discussion about what you want, where you're going, and probably share with you some interesting stories so that you can try and sidestep issues before they even come calling.

Real estate agents are NOT your friend - they represent the seller!

The real estate agent is not your friend. Why? That's because he's on the other side. The seller's agent is called the seller's agent for a reason. They act for the seller. They can absolutely help you get the property that you want, it is what they do, but they ultimately represent the interest of the seller, not you. So, what do you do? Come to us. We are your independent adviser that's a 100% in your court.

Let us decipher what are these that the seller agent has told you. Let us help you negotiate the deal, that makes it the best deal of your life. And let us help you generally through the process so at least you know you've got someone to lean on in this stressful conveyancing process.

So… what exactly does a Buyers Conveyancer do?

What exactly does a buyer conveyancer do again in very, very simple terms?

Three things. First, make sure that the transfer is prepared correctly to put your name on the title exactly as what the contract says. Number two, do the calculations of the purchase price and the money needed to be paid on settlement so that your money knows exactly where to go. Number three, settlement itself. That is, making sure that you settle on time and all these special conditions of the contract are observed exactly as what it says.

How exactly a Conveyancing Lawyer protects you

Did you get yourself into trouble after you've signed a contract for buying a property in New South Wales? No worries. Might be a little bit too late for us to sidestep the issue altogether. But, if we're involved, we'll absolutely do our best to help you navigate those issues and get you to the best possible outcome available, given the circumstances. How do you sidestep the issue altogether? Come to us before you sign. Let us do a review for you and tell you what you need to do to get rid of the issue altogether.

3 things you need to do before bidding at auction

What do you do when you're looking to buy a property at auction in New South Wales?

Remember, there is no cooling off to buying a property at auction. Three things you need to do therefore, number one, go and get the building and pest inspection done to confirm that the quality of the property is acceptable to you before you buy. Number two, get your finance approved so that you know you have the money you need to complete the purchase. Number three, get a pre signing contract review done so that you know exactly what you're signing up to, before you sign on the dotted line.

Why you ABSOLUTLEY need a Contract Review

Why do you need a pre signing contract review?

Again, three things; Number one, do you know what is standard if you've been told that the property is standard from beginning to the end? know that it's probably not, if they've overemphasised it. Number two, do you know what is unique about this property? Every single property transaction is different. You need to make sure the contract reflects you, and your needs. Number three, do you know what's missing from the contract? Remember what's missing and cannot be read is probably one of the most damaging things that could occur to you after the contract is signed.